Participation Rules


1. Venue and Date

•    The 12th International Congress of Prospectors and Explorers - proEXPLO 2021 will be held at the Lima Convention Center, February 8-10, 2021.

2. Participants

•    To participate, anyone interested shall visit the website: or the event's APP, register online by completing their personal information required and contact us by e-mail or telephone.
•    Participants shall provide the information requested in the registration form, otherwise they will not be able to continue with the registration process.
•    Participants shall have paid the total amount of their invoice, otherwise they will not be able to enter the event.
•    To attend the event, payment shall be made before Friday, January 5, 2021.
•    IIMP Associates shall not present debt in their membership fees for the current year.
•    Changing participants or categories is allowed once (with no additional cost). From the second change, a penalty of 20% of the registration fee will be charged. In both cases, the change process will be carried out prior coordination and authorization by the Head of IIMP events.
•    Students shall be between their 7th and 10th undergraduate semester (attach certificates issued by the university).
•    Teachers shall submit a letter from the university where they work. Keep in mind that it is a requirement to be full-time teacher.


3. Badges

•    Badges are documents that allow participants to be identified during the event according to the category to which they belong, and their access will be controlled.
•    If this document shall be replaced due to loss or theft, the cost of replacement will be S/.  50.00 or USD 15.00.
•    The participant's badge is personal and non-transferable and shall be worn at all times while the participant is at the event.
It is a requirement for all the participants to present their identity document.

4. Participants Obligations

•    In order to be accredited, the participant shall identify him/herself in the front desk with a valid identity document (DNI, Alien Registration Card or Passport).
•    A copy of the deposit or transfer shall be enclosed, indicating the amount and name of the participant /or company.
•    All bank charges shall be assumed by the participant or the company.
•    IIMP does not responsible for unidentified deposits.

5. Benefits

•    Attendance at conferences with simultaneous interpretation (English - Spanish).
•    Virtual work material.
•    Digital certificate of participation on request.
•    Entry to the technological exhibition.
•    Participation in the opening and closing ceremonies.
•    Coffee breaks.

6. Attention Hours

•    Before the event, at IIMP headquarters
Monday to Friday from 09:00 - 17:00 hours
Address: Los Canarios N° 155-157, Urbanización San César II Etapa, La Molina.
•    Before and during the event
Saturday     6    08:00 - 13:00 hours
Sunday       7    08:00 - 18:00 hours
Monday      8    08:00 - 18:00 hours
Tuesday     9     08:00 – 18:00 hours
Wednesday    10     08:00 – 18:00 hours

Address: Lima Convention Center

•    Phone: (51-1) 313- 4160  
Extensions: 256 – 257

7. Head of Events

•    In all cases, the Head of Events represents IIMP upon registration of the participant to the congress and is the person in charge of ensuring strict compliance with the services and attention to participants, pursuant to the provisions established by the IIMP.

8. Invoicing

•    Participants shall provide all the necessary documents to issue the respective invoice. Such as for example the Purchase Order, if is appropriate, or another document required for its proper administrative handling.
•        We recommend to provide accurate data for the invoicing such as:
•    Companies: Company name, RUC, address.
•    Natural Person: Name, DNI, address

•    Any person and/or company other than an IIMP Associate shall pay the registration fee within 48 hours.
•    We recommend you to specify the company name that shall appear on the invoice.
•    In the case of participating companies managing their registrations through  a purchase order one week before the event, this shall be issued no more than 3 days before the event, otherwise their registration will be cancelled.
•    For corporate registration, it is necessary to register a group of more than five people, who may have access to a special rate. All of them shall belong to the same category and shall be included in the same invoice.
•    For companies that manage their registrations by purchase order, a credit of 15 days will be granted, prior evaluation, so that the amount can be paid up to one day before the event.
•    Due to institutional policies, changes to documents already invoiced will not be accepted. The application submitted in the registration form shall be respected.
•    Once the event is over, no changes, claims, or credit notes for invoices or simple receipts will be allowed.
•    Only for Peruvian Companies: Due to internal provisions, the payment of the deduction (12%) will be executed by IIMP; therefore, participants shall deposit the total invoice amount to the corresponding accounts. After five working days, the Institute will send via e-mail the proof of deduction.

9. Withdrawal

•    Any withdrawal received until January  8, 2021, will have a penalty of 25% of the registration fee, for administrative costs.
•    No reimbursement will be made if the withdrawal is made after January 9, 2021, exceptional cases will be evaluated duly accredited.

10. Payment Methods

Deposit and/or Wire Transfer

•    The Client will be able to pay the registration fee via deposit or wire transfer to IIMP's bank accounts as indicated in the following item, for which the participant shall request a pre invoice. The payment will be confirmed by telephone or by email by sending a copy of the corresponding deposit.

•    Payment can be made to the following checking accounts of the Peruvian Institute of Mining Engineers:

* Banco de Crédito del Perú
CTA CTE / Checking Account:
USD 194-1607123-1-75
Interbank Account Code (CCI):
Swift Code: BCPLPEPL

•    The amount deposited in the institution's accounts will be considered, but not the bank expenses of the financial entity to which it is being transferred; bank fees shall be assumed by the participant and/or company.

11. IIMP's Responsibilities

•    IIMP shall not be held liable for non-compliance due to unforeseeable circumstances or force majeure. To these effects, unforeseeable circumstances or force majeure shall be understood as a non-attributable cause consisting of extraordinary and unforeseeable circumstances hindering the provision of services or leading to late, defective or partial compliance.

•    These circumstances include fires, earthquakes, tsunamis, landslides, avalanches, floods, storms, torrential rains, explosions, armed conflicts or external/internal wars, civil commotions, blockades, acts of terrorism and sabotage,unmanageable delays in transport, strikes, and any other similar or different cause, noting that this list is merely illustrative and non-restrictive, and it is therefore understood that all circumstances out of reasonable control of the parties and that could not have been foreseen or that, having been foreseen, could not be prevented, and for the loss or damages caused to equipment, tools and material, are herein included.

12. Access Control

•    If an invalid badge is identified and/or if it does not correspond to the participant, this will be confiscated and the entry to the venue shall be prohibited
•    All participants shall have paid their registration fee before entering the event venue, otherwise access will be denied.
•    All participants shall identify themselves using their Badges.

13. Categories and Rates














Corporate Associate(2)



Non-Corporate Associate(2)



Associate Student(3)



Non-Associate Student(3)






Fees include General Sales Taxes (IGV)

(1) The IIMP Associate must not file debt on their membership
(2) All registrations for groups of 5 or more people will have a discount. All of them shall belong to the same category and shall be included in the same invoice.
(3) Students shall be between their 7th and 10th undergraduate semester and the transcripts issued by the university shall be enclosed (issued within the last 6 months).
(4) Teachers shall submit a letter from the university where they work.

Register +1 650 329 2000