As  President  of  the  Organizing  Committee  of  the  XII  International  Congress  of Prospectors  and  Explorers  (proEXPLO  2021),  it  is  an  honor  to  assume  the  enormous responsibility of leading this prestigious event, which has positioned the country as one of the main destinations to present the advances in mining exploration in the world.Undoubtedly,  this  is  a  demonstration  of  the  great  efforts  that  the  Peruvian  Institute  of Mining  Engineers  (IIMP)  has  been  making  to  strengthen  the  link  between  academia, industry and mining investors.

Under the slogan “Mineral Resources for a Sustainable Future”, this edition aims to reinforce  the  message  of  the  importance  of  mining  exploration  to  find  minerals  that helps future human development in a clean and less polluting environment.

With  this  objective,  an  innovative  program  of  activities  clearly  focused  on  the  mining exploration  business  has  been  prepared,  including  sessions  onExploration  Innovation, Exploration Successes and Optimal Transition: Exploration to Mine. The objective of the first session is to present and discuss the new technological tools applied to the mining exploration industry, the second session will be aimed at presenting the new discoveries of  mineral  deposits  in  Peru  and  Latin  America  and  the  third  session  will  be  aimed  at expose  engineering  processes  to  convert  discoveries  into  profitable  mining  operations. Universities,   geological   services,   mining   companies,   exploration   companies   and investors in general are invited to participate in the different sessions.

We will also have a technological and trade exhibition that will be the ideal scenario for mining and exploration services companies to show their technological advances in the improvement of productivity and relationships with the social and environmental context.In proEXPLO 2021 we will launch the First Mining Exploration Project Fair, which will be a new business relationship platform between smallmining investors with large mining companies or investment funds interested in expanding their investment portfolios. In this regard, we invite the owners of mining concessions to present their technically supported projects to be exposed during the event.

Finally,  I  would  like  to  invite  you  to  join  us  in  this  edition  of proEXPLO  2021,  an  event that  will  bring  together  students,  professionals,  speakers,  and  mining  investors  from different parts of the world at the city of Lima.


Thank you very much


Enrique Garay MSc PGeo

Presidente de la Comisión Organizadora


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