This contest is held with the aim of recognizing the best presentations given by undergraduate/graduate, master's or doctoral students in proEXPLO 2023.




  1. Undergraduate, master's and doctoral students enrolled during 2023 in a university institution may participate. In addition, geologists and geological engineers who have defended their thesis (undergraduate/graduate, master's or doctoral) during 2022 may also participate.
  2. It is an international contest, so students of any nationality and enrolled in any university around the world can participate.

    Submission of technical papers

  4. Extended abstracts shall be submitted following the general procedure indicated on the website (Technical Papers).
  5. At the time of sending the extended abstracts, students must indicate that they would like to participate in the "1 st International SEG-SGA-IIMP Student Presentation Contest proEXPLO 2023" and attach evidence of fulfilling any of the requirements indicated in Point 1 of the General Conditions.
  6. The works submitted must be original and based on field and/or laboratory results obtained in thesis research topics (undergraduate/graduate, master's or doctoral).
  7. The contest participant must be the main author of the extended abstract submitted.
  8. The contest participant must be the person who will deliver the presentation (either in oral or poster format) and therefore must participate in the event as a speaker.

    Selection of presentation modality

  10. The Technical Papers Committee (CTT) of proEXPLO 2023 will evaluate the quality and scope of the extended abstracts submitted by participants and will select the presentation modality (oral or poster).
  11. The oral and poster presentations will be included in the "regular" sessions of the congress, i.e., there will be no specific sessions for student participants in this contest.
  12. Presentations (oral and poster) must comply with the specifications indicated on the congress website.

    Evaluation of papers

  14. The jury of the "1 st International SEG-SGA-IIMP Student Presentation Contest proEXPLO 2023" will consists of three internationally renowned experts.
  15. The members of the jury will be present during the oral presentations of the contest candidates.
  16. The members of the jury will visit the posters of the contest candidates. Candidates must be present, in front of their poster, during the visit of jury members to briefly explain the content of the posters and answer questions from the members of the jury. The schedule for visiting each poster will be announced in advance.


  • Award for the best oral presentation – undergraduate.
  • Award for the best oral presentation - post-graduate (master's and doctorate).
  • Award for the best poster presentation.
  • Awards will include:
    • Subscription (membership) to the Society of Economic Geologists (SEG; https://www.segweb.org) and the Society for Geology Applied to Mineral Deposits (SGA; https://e-sga.org) for the current year (2023). Should the winner already be a member of the SEG and/or SGA during 2023, the corresponding membership costs would be covered for 2024.
    • Free download of digital publication edited by the SEG (https://www.segweb.org/store).
    • Free registration to the SGA congress (https://sga2023.ch) in 2023.
    • Acknowledgment to the winners in the SEG journal Discovery.
    • Course/seminar organized by IIMP in 2023 to be chosen by the winner.
  • In addition, the jury may award up to three special mentions to presentations of special quality.
  • Awards and special mentions will be announced at the final session of proEXPLO 2023.
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